As the owner of a small business, you are always doing everything in your power to create an environment where you, your team and your ideas can succeed. While it will always come down to more than the building that you’re in, the environment of your small business will affect the way that your team works as well as how your customers will feel while in your business.

We know what you’re thinking, windows don’t have nearly as much of an effect as we are making it out to be, right? Wrong. Windows contribute to your small business in a variety of ways, from the aesthetic feel and look of your office space to the overall temperature and airflow that they provide, windows truly do offer a lot ot a business space.

So what should you be looking for when you’re in the market for replacement windows?


Always take into consideration how many windows you need to replace. This will help you gauge your finances while also determining which option is going to be the most affordable. Besides, replacing multiple windows will also help you determine if it’s better to just replace them all and have a cohesive look, rather than a few here and there.


What type of frame do you currently have and what is it doing for your business? This question is a must and can provide tons of insight in the purchasing process of your new windows. If you aren’t crazy about the current frame, this is the perfect opportunity to change it. We always suggest going with vinyl frames for a crisp look that will attest the wear and tear of a business.

The windows in your office will contribute to the atmosphere that you’re looking to create. Make sure that the windows that you’re installing are high quality and that they will benefit your business and not simply be the most affordable option.