Having an efficient home is something that all homeowners strive for, but knowing which factors are taken into consideration and which are simply just a part of the home can be tricky. Over the years it’s become clear that the quality of windows in a home can truly impact how efficient a home is, and in this time it’s been stated time and time again that window replacements when they’re needed is the best way to keep your home energy efficient.

While windows are important, they aren’t the only piece of a home that gets taken into consideration with efficiency. One of the most commonly forgotten features are our patio doors, that are also usually made from glass. In fact, most times our patio doors are going to be the largest glass pane that we have inside of our homes, so it’s a bit alarming that we let this major factor of efficiency slip between the cracks.

When it comes to our patio doors, we have to worry about more than just the energy efficiency of the glass, we have to worry about the frame of the door, the track that it runs along and the materials that are used to keep the seal between outside and inside, tight. So when we have so much to worry about, how do we ensure we’re prioritizing the efficiency?

The best way to ensure you’re taking care of it is simply by paying attention to the quality of your patio doors over time. By noticing the condition of your door and the pieces that are used to keep it in working condition, you’ll be able to notice well in advance when it’s time to replace your patio door. Once the time has finally come, you can count on the Window & Siding Outlet to have the highest quality of energy efficient products for you to implement in your home.