1. Selecting The Right Windows For Your Small Business

    As the owner of a small business, you are always doing everything in your power to create an environment where you, your team and your ideas can succeed. While it will always come down to more than the building that you’re in, the environment of your small business will affect the way that your team works as well as how your customers will feel while in your business. We know what you’re think…Read More

  2. Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Windows

    Spring cleaning remains one of the best times of the year because of the refreshing feeling that you’re guaranteed afterwards. Between the clearing of clutter, dusting and the endless scrubbing, it’s easy to become exhausted with the process. When it comes to cleaning windows, it can become extremely frustrating, especially when you’re doing your best to ensure all windows are streak free, s…Read More

  3. Are Skylights A Thing Of The Past

    Natural lighting is the greatest benefit of windows in a home. When you are looking to increase the amount of natural lighting in your home, don’t get hung up on the idea that the only place you can add windows are in your walls. While that is the standard look for most home, it’s not the only look that offers endless amounts of natural light. One of the more popular methods of achieving this …Read More

  4. Projects You Can Put Off By Fixing Your Windows

    Sometimes it feels like we’ll never catch up on the work that needs to be done at our house. Between the change of seasons and the projects they bring, and the unexpected accidents that call for spontaneous repairs, weekends are commonly spent fixing up some part of our home. When the projects start to build up, we often look to our bank account with a somber look, and a nauseating feel, curious…Read More

  5. Common Accidents That Call For Replacement Windows

    The glorious warmth of summer makes it easy to waste hours away outside. From the countless trails for running and biking to the cool waters of the pool that call out to us on the hottest days of summer, it goes without saying that we’d rather spend our days outdoors. With so much time spent outdoors, are windows are exposed to more accidents in the summer than any other season of the year. As w…Read More

  6. What’s A Casement Window & Why Are They So Great?

    As you begin to consider your options for new windows within your home, you’ll come to terms with the fact that there are more styles and designs of windows than you could possibly imagine. From the conventional sliding windows to the bay windows that open up a room, knowing what it is that you’re looking for will make the process much easier. At the Window & Siding Outlet, we offer a vari…Read More