1. Do Patio Doors Affect Efficiency?

    Having an efficient home is something that all homeowners strive for, but knowing which factors are taken into consideration and which are simply just a part of the home can be tricky. Over the years it’s become clear that the quality of windows in a home can truly impact how efficient a home is, and in this time it’s been stated time and time again that window replacements when they’re need…Read More

  2. Are Dog Doors Safe?

    Whether you’ve got one tiny dog or four bigger dogs, it’s hard not to feel guilty leaving your pet home all day. Unless you’re able to visit them during work, or don’t work at all, an eight hour, sometimes longer, work day is too long to leave a pet at home. Now, there are ways of getting around these eight hours being miserable. Potty training your pet to use a pee pad, or having a neighb…Read More