1. Selecting The Right Windows For Your Small Business

    As the owner of a small business, you are always doing everything in your power to create an environment where you, your team and your ideas can succeed. While it will always come down to more than the building that you’re in, the environment of your small business will affect the way that your team works as well as how your customers will feel while in your business. We know what you’re think…Read More

  2. Do Patio Doors Affect Efficiency?

    Having an efficient home is something that all homeowners strive for, but knowing which factors are taken into consideration and which are simply just a part of the home can be tricky. Over the years it’s become clear that the quality of windows in a home can truly impact how efficient a home is, and in this time it’s been stated time and time again that window replacements when they’re need…Read More

  3. Upgrading To Energy Efficient Windows

    When you shop around for replacement windows, you aren’t looking to settle with the same standard windows, you’re going to want a window that can provide more than your last set. Especially in town like Fort Collins, where every window boasts the beauty of our state, and allows for 365 days of sunshine to come through, the quality of window that you pick matters. Aside from the quality of the …Read More

  4. 3 Advantages To Purchasing Vinyl Siding

    The exterior of our homes is the first thing that goes noticed, so it goes without reason that we take so much time to determine what materials will be most suited for our homes. In regards to siding, new options continue to pop up, making it hard to narrow down your options to which will be best in the long run. At the Window & SIding Outlet we have the years of experience it takes to know wh…Read More

  5. Downloadable Apps That Make Your Home Projects Better

    When it comes to improving your home, chances are you go a little overboard on getting everything right. Between the windows you want to install, what shades will fit best, the paint color on the accent wall, and a million other factors that are likely running through your mind, the project becomes overwhelming and it gets to the point that you can’t wait for it to be over. At the Window & S…Read More

  6. Patio Doors That Are Efficient and Beautiful

    Some of the most beautiful memories happen on our patios and decks. In fact, some of the selling points in a home are the gorgeous views that are received while sunbathing on a patio. Here in Fort Collins, the views are plentiful, so it goes without saying that gathering on the deck is not an uncommon desire. One of the ways that we boost the beauty of our patio is by creating an entrance that is …Read More

  7. Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Windows

    Spring cleaning remains one of the best times of the year because of the refreshing feeling that you’re guaranteed afterwards. Between the clearing of clutter, dusting and the endless scrubbing, it’s easy to become exhausted with the process. When it comes to cleaning windows, it can become extremely frustrating, especially when you’re doing your best to ensure all windows are streak free, s…Read More

  8. What To Do When You’ve Discovered A Leak In Your Siding

    After you’ve owned a home for a while, you will undoubtedly notice the wear and tear of time on your home. One of the places that gets tons of exposure and will surely see some wear and tear is the exterior. With siding, the effectiveness at which it is installed is incredibly important. Chances are the siding on your home was installed well, especially if the leaking that you’ve found is the …Read More

  9. Are Skylights A Thing Of The Past

    Natural lighting is the greatest benefit of windows in a home. When you are looking to increase the amount of natural lighting in your home, don’t get hung up on the idea that the only place you can add windows are in your walls. While that is the standard look for most home, it’s not the only look that offers endless amounts of natural light. One of the more popular methods of achieving this …Read More

  10. Are Dog Doors Safe?

    Whether you’ve got one tiny dog or four bigger dogs, it’s hard not to feel guilty leaving your pet home all day. Unless you’re able to visit them during work, or don’t work at all, an eight hour, sometimes longer, work day is too long to leave a pet at home. Now, there are ways of getting around these eight hours being miserable. Potty training your pet to use a pee pad, or having a neighb…Read More